Our Partners


The companies AEOLIAN DEVELOPMENT, AEOLOS ANAPTYKSIAKI S.A. and RENEX S.A. have partnerships not only with Greek companies (i.e. DIONIC Group of Companies, KATOGI-STROFILIA S.A. and others)  but also with foreign investors (CLAL S.A., MERHAV S.A., AMPAL S.A ,RENINVEST S.A.).

RENINVEST S.A., a subsidiary of Swiss electricity production Company AZIENDA ELETTRICA TICINESE (AET) has cooperated with AEOLIAN DEVELOPMENT for the development of the following wind parks:

  1. AEOLOS ANAPTYKSIAKI S.A. & CO FTHIOTIDA S.A. of 10MW installed capacity in the municipality of Opountion and which is in operation
  2. KARDITSA – REWIND S.A. of 30MW capacity which is under construction in Argithea municipality